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Admission Counselling
For Indian Institutions

Higher Education in India has always been prioritized by both the society as well as the students. That's why from IITs to IIMs, we have some of the best institutions in the world, offering a varied range of courses.

With time the need to understand the interests, aptitude and attitude of the student has become critical and matching them with the opportunities that are conducive for their life path.

The competition is pretty stiff in every field! Unless you start preparing early, you might find getting into the college of your choice HARD! However, even before you choose a college, you need to figure out who you want to be!

Mentored helps you answer the big question !

Our experienced counselors help 11th & 12th graders visualize their career path and more

Creative Mentoring Solutions
For 11th & 12th Graders

Our mentoring solutions for 11th & 12th graders are multi-dimensional. We acquaint them with the current education system, market scenarios, emerging careers, technologies, marketable skills, etc. Additionally, we let them have open & honest conversations with Counselors, Industry leaders who educate them on real work scenarios.

These sessions help students form a clear picture of their future.


Study In India

Counselling Students
The Mentored Way

  • Personalised Counselling and updating students on the latest subject-related news, information, & opportunities
  • Constant interactions with Industry Leaders & Subject-Experts
  • Making students aware of potential career prospects
  • Teaching students how to apply their “knowledge” in practical scenarios
  • Evaluating one’s potential through various psychometric & aptitude tests
  • Assigning a Mentor for helping and assisting students in reaching their goals
  • Guidance for preparation of entrance exams conducive to their career path
  • College Shortlisting, Interview Prep and application

What We Do

We Mentor
As Per Students Interest & Goals

It is a long established fact that a students potential reaches its highest peak only when their interest and goals are aligned with the career opportunities available. At Mentored, we consider each student to be unique and thus mentor them accordingly.